Back In The Office Benefits

A family-like workplace is built on respect, common goals, and communication. When these things are present they are built on interactions between individuals. Teams are able to share decision-making duties, and communication between supervisors and staff Involves mutual respect and listening.

Improved Mental Health 

The social interaction and structure of working in an office can improve your mental health. Being around other people can reduce stress. It can also help you feel more connected and supported.

Human Connection

Humans are social creatures who crave connection, and the office serves as both a personal and professional gathering place.

Better Collaboration

In-person collaboration is often more effective than working remotely. When you’re in the same room as your colleagues, it’s easier to have impromptu meetings.

The Break Room


Coffee isn’t the only thing brewing in the break room, some of the best ideas are too!

A well-equipped break room might be what your work place needs to help keep your team productive and energized throughout the work day. 
Here are 5 ways to improve your break room and create a positive environment that encourages employees to foster group interactions and collaboration.

1. COMFORT IS KEY.  This is a space in the office where incorporating inviting furniture can make a huge impact.  It’s important to incorporate furniture that produces a relaxing atmosphere where employees can take a breather, clear their minds and revive their energy.

2. STOCK THE ESSENTIALS.  No break room is complete without the essentials like a quality coffee machine. Keep your office well-stocked with coffee products, snacks and more with next day delivery services.

3. POSITIVE VIBES.  Create a positive and energetic environment by adding pops of bright colors and artwork.  By adding your corporate colors you can  also increase work place culture and create a sense of identity.

4. COLLABORATION.  Provide multiple modes of seating in varying styles and heights in an arrangement that will allow employees to converse and have creative discussions.

5. TECHNOLOGY AND CONNECTIVITY.  Adding tables with built-in power and connectivity offers employees the freedom and flexibility to choose where they work.  This sense of freedom creates a more casual environment that employees will appreciate. This will also develop a sense of community in your work place.


A break room refresh can pay off in multiple ways. Contact our design team to see how we can improve your office kitchen!