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Save Money With Legacy’s RightTrack

Customers who use our Right Track process typically enjoy an additional 17-25% reduction in spending!

RightTrack is a common sense, money-saving tool used by Legacy to improve customers’ overall experience, whether it be a standard, bulk, or last minute order

We work hard to ensure you are receiving savings and quality every step of the way.

1. We’ll establish and agree on company standardized “core” supply items.
2. We review every line of every order. We’ll seek approval to switch from a higher priced item to one of your lower priced, quality-matching, core equivalents. We’ll also check for equivalents on any non-core items for a lower cost alternative of equal or better quality.
3. Your representatives will know your orders so well that no potential mistake will be missed. Accidentally added an extra 0? We’ll check in with you to make sure that pallet of 100 cases of pens wasn’t supposed to be 10.
4. Do you require pre-approval for big ticket items like computer monitors and other tech supplies? Would you like to start? We will contact you for authorization before your order goes through.​

These simple techniques help your company save money, reduce labor cost, and reduce potential waste.

We’ve scoured our suppliers for the lowest cost, highest quality products so you don’t have to.