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Office Storage & Organization

Office Storage and Organization

At Legacy Workplace Solutions, we offer a full range of filing and organizational solutions to meet all your storage requirements. Even businesses that are primarily paperless still have some filing and storage needs. We are filing and storage experts. We’ll assess your requirements and come up with the right storage solution for your business. We can calculate your needed capacity down to the FILING INCH, to make sure you have room for current needs and growth.

The importance of having the correct storage solutions in place

Office storage and organization play a vital role in maintaining a productive and efficient work environment. Having appropriate storage solutions, such as filing cabinets, shelves, and desk organizers, enables employees to neatly store and easily access important documents, supplies, and equipment. A well-organized office not only enhances productivity, but also reduces clutter and promotes a clean and professional atmosphere. By implementing effective storage systems, businesses can streamline operations and improve overall workflow. 

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How to Choose the Best Storage Systems for Your Office

To help you find suitable storage systems to maintain organization and efficiency, consider your specific needs and requirements. Factors to consider include, the amount of storage space required, the types of items being stored, and the accessibility needed. Whether it be simple Vertical Files or Lateral Files in wood or metal, or High-Density Filing Systems, we have the solution. Feel free to get in touch with us, if you need help choosing the right storage system for your business.

High density storage solutions

To put it simply, high-density storage solutions are designed to maximize storage capacity within a given space, while providing easy access to stored items. By consolidating files into a smaller footprint, it allows for more efficient use of valuable real estate. Additionally, these systems also come with features such as locking mechanisms and access controls, ensuring that sensitive documents or valuable assets are protected. Overall, these mobile aisle systems with racks, drawers, and shelving naturally improve productivity and workflow efficiency, by streamlining operations and optimizing space in the office.

Benefits of providing employees with personal storage lockers and wardrobes

Personal storage in the workplace offers numerous benefits for both employees and the organization as a whole. Personal lockers provide a secure and designated space for staff to store their personal belongings, such as bags, coats, and valuables.  It also gives employees a sense of personal space within the office, where they can store their belongings securely without worrying about them being misplaced or stolen.

Protecting your items with Fireproof storage

To protect your most valuable documents and other items, we offer a wide range of FIREPROOF Files and Safes of all kinds. Fireproof storage is an excellent way to protect your items at work from the devastating effects of natural disasters.  They are made to withstand extreme temperatures, smoke, and water damage; making sure that documents, records and data are safeguarded. You can have peace of mind knowing that they are secure.  Contact us, so we can recommend the best options.