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Board Room and Conference Room Furniture

What Is the Essential Furniture for an Office Conference Room?

Many companies utilize the collaborative model, which makes functional and flexible conference rooms a must which can include modular office furniture.

Having the right furniture is vital when setting up your conference room. Some essential pieces of conference room furniture include:

  • A conference room table sized to fit the room
  • Conference chairs
  • Extra seating
  • Power & connectivity
  • Storage

How to Select the Right Furniture for My Conference Room?

The ideal conference room for your business will reflect the requirements and values of the company. It should also meet the technological needs of those using it, so be sure to include power units, power modules and audio-visual connectivity.

Consider how you set up the space carefully. Everyone should have plenty of personal space. As you choose conference tables, look at the options carefully and be sure to find the right table for your needs. The good news is that we can help you determine the right shape, size and style, making it easier to find one that will work best for your space.

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How to Select the Right Shape Conference Table?

When selecting conference furniture, choosing the right size conference table is important. However, there are other features to consider. You should look at different shapes, material options and base options. You can even opt for custom tables, allowing you to choose a size based on your specific needs. For a small room, a racetrack table or boat shape will be better suited, they provide greater seating capacity and allow greater movement.  In a larger room you can go for the rectangular shape that is more formal.

The right conference table for your business should fit, and ensure comfort for everyone who will use it. You can choose from traditional options, like an oval table, or modern ones, like a boat shape table, elliptical table or racetrack table. Be sure to explore all the options to feel confident in your decision for your conference room space.

If you aren’t sure what is best suited for your space, reach out to our space planning and design team to make the right recommendation for you.