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Seating is an essential factor to have a successful workday. At Legacy, we have a full range of furniture to fit all types of workplaces and learning environments. From office chairs for your desk area to multipurpose furniture for group meetings or classrooms – whatever the setting, we provide everything you need.

Ergonomic Seating + Task Chairs

Did you know that sitting comfortably in the perfect desk chair can help to make you more productive? Our Ergonomic Seating and Task Chairs are designed to allow for a stress-free workspace, ensuring that time passes quickly as you focus on your work. Check out our selection today!

Executive + Conference Seating

To complete an executive office or conference space, one must select the perfect chair. With a wide variety of fabrics to choose from, you can pick a style that exudes comfort and sophistication while complementing your interior design taste.

Guest Seating

For those looking to give their visitors a hospitable space, customizable seating solutions are an ideal way to go. From stackable and cozy chairs for medical centers and reception areas, to flexible furnishings for waiting areas, the options are seemingly endless.

Reception + Lounge Seating

Give your spaces a fresh look with new furniture! We offer comfortable chairs and sofas for lounges, receptions, breakrooms, front desks, hotel check-in areas, and beyond. Leave your guests in awe with our superior selection.

Multipurpose Seating

This modern furniture offers a versatile solution to your workspace needs. Its ability to be moved with ease from one area to another can help save on costs and conserve space, giving you the confidence that there will always be seating available for everyone.

Choosing Office Seating from Legacy Workplace Solutions

Selecting the right office seating is key for creating a comfortable and productive workspace for your employees.  Consider the needs and preferences of the individuals who will be using them and look for chairs that offer adjustable features, like seat height, armrest & backrest, lumbar support, to promote good posture.  Employees that are spending long hours at their desks should be provided with ergonomic chairs with ample padding and breathable materials.  Lastly, prioritize durability and quality to ensure that the seating will last and provide long-term comfort & support.  Our team at Legacy Workplace Solutions can find the right seating to meet your style and budget.

Ergonomic Seating & task chairs: Did you know that sitting comfortably in the perfect desk chair can help increase employee productivity, and improve mood & morale? Ergonomic chairs include high-quality mechanisms such as lumbar support, height, tilt, and armrest adjustments to accommodate individual body shapes and sizes.  Proper ergonomic seating can help prevent chronic pain associated with prolonged seating.  Check out our selection today!

Executive seating: Executive seating options are designed to provide maximum comfort and style for high-level professionals.  These chairs are typically fabricated in high-quality, luxurious materials, and include additional ergonomic features.  Our experienced team can help you select quality executive seating for every budget.

Guest chairs: Guest seating options are versatile and can be tailored for different applications.  For those looking to provide a welcoming space for their visitors, customizable seating solutions are an ideal way to go. From sleek and modern chairs to plush comfortable seating, there are various options available to suit the needs and aesthetics of any space.

Reception & Lounge Seating: Give your space a fresh look with new furniture! Reception seating is designed to make a great first impression, with stylish and comfortable chairs that welcome guests into a space.  We offer comfortable chairs and sofas for lounges, receptions, breakrooms, front desks, hotel check-in areas, and beyond. Leave your guests in awe with our superior selection.

Active sitting chairs: These include adjustable stools or perching chairs, which are designed to promote movement and engage core muscles, helping to improve posture and alleviate back pain.  These innovative chairs often feature ergonomic designs and adjustable features to accommodate different body types & preferences for a more dynamic and comfortable sitting experience. This type of seating is essentially ideal for height-adjustable desks.

Collaborative seating: This type of seating refers to furniture arrangements that are designed for teamwork environments and facilitate interactions where group work is encouraged.

Drafting stools: This type of seating is designed to promote proper posture, comfort, and mobility for professionals who spend significant amounts of time working at elevated surfaces.  These stools are adjustable and functional, allowing users to customize their seating position to suit their needs.

Conference Chairs:  Conference chairs are a type of seating specifically designed for use in conference rooms, meeting rooms, and board rooms.  They are typically more formal and professional in appearance and made for sitting for long periods of time.  At Legacy Workplace Solutions we have options for every style and budget.

Breakroom & Café seating: These spaces provide employees with a comfortable and relaxing environment where they can take breaks, socialize, and recharge during the workday.  When selecting breakroom seating, it’s important to consider the size of the space, the number of employees, and the desired atmosphere.  Comfort, durability, and ease of maintenance are also important factors to consider.

Stacking Chairs: Stacking chairs are a great solution for optimizing space in the office.  With a lightweight and compact design, they are ideal for flexible environments and are easy to store.  By implementing this type of seating, you can effectively maximize space and promote a neat & organized environment.

Nesting Chairs:  Nesting chairs are a convenient solution that allows chairs to be neatly nested into one another, ultimately saving space when not in use.


What Is the Best Seating Solution for Your Workspace?

Many people don’t want to feel like they need to be stuck at a single desk all day. Especially, after having the flexibility to work from home and a hybrid work schedule.  One of the best tips for setting up a multipurpose office space is to create choices of work areas, each with a different vibe. For example, set up individual employee desks but also establish larger areas, such as spacious conference tables, collaborative work areas, and smaller private workspaces.

Creating different office seating areas can help employees choose which option will help them be their most productive on any given day. It can also be a great idea to have lightweight, portable seating so employees can easily move it from one location to another.

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