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Have a Seat 

Seating is an essential factor to have a successful workday. At Legacy, we have a full range of furniture to fit all types of workplaces and learning environments. From office chairs for your desk area to multipurpose furniture for group meetings or classrooms – whatever the setting, we provide everything you need.

Ergonomic + Task Chairs

Did you know that sitting comfortably in the perfect desk chair can help to make you more productive? Our Ergonomic Seating and Task Chairs are designed to allow for a stress-free workspace, ensuring that time passes quickly as you focus on your work. Check out our selection today!

Executive + Conference Seating

To complete an executive office or conference space, one must select the perfect chair. With a wide variety of fabrics to choose from, you can pick a style that exudes comfort and sophistication while complementing your interior design taste. 

Guest Seating

For those looking to give their visitors a hospitable space, customizable seating solutions are an ideal way to go. From stackable and cozy chairs for medical centers and reception areas, to flexible furnishings for waiting areas, the options are seemingly endless. 

Reception + Lounge Seating

Give your spaces a fresh look with new furniture! We offer comfortable chairs and sofas for lounges, receptions, breakrooms, front desks, hotel check-in areas, and beyond. Leave your guests in awe with our superior selection. 

Multipurpose Seating

This modern furniture offers a versatile solution to your workspace needs. Its ability to be moved with ease from one area to another can help save on costs and conserve space, giving you the confidence that there will always be seating available for everyone. 

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